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How much do you charge for IPs and how many can I have?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:32 am
by Edge100x
Unmanaged VDSes and dedicated machines

Each dedicated machine or VDS comes with one IP address by default. Beyond this, IPs cost $2.99 each. If you have a dedicated machine, you will need to contact us to request additional IPs; if you have a VDS, you can request additional IPs through a change-order submission.

IPs must also be justified. To justify any IP addresses that you request from us, you will need to be ready to show how you are already using all you have, explain how the new IPs will be used, and let us know why your existing allocation is not sufficient.

Managed VDSes and dedicated machines

All game servers in our system are assigned their own IP addresses automatically, due to the way that our system works. There is currently no charge associated with creating additional managed game servers.