How do I change the IPs assigned to my VDS?

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How do I change the IPs assigned to my VDS?

Post by Edge100x » Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:30 pm

If you want to change the IP assigned to your VDS, you have two options. Choose one of these:
  1. Add IPs to your package, and potentially delete your old ones.

    To do this, go through the upgrade procedure and select the "Add IP addresses" option, adding as many new IPs as you would like to replace. Finish the upgrade, and the system will assign and email you these new ones, which you can add through the OS of your VDS.

    To remove your old IPs after doing this,
    1. Make sure that you have the reverse DNS option turned on (if you don't, contact us) and that you have custom reverse DNS entries defined for the IPs that you wish to keep on the "IP list" page of your control panel. Optionally, you can enter the word "keep" instead, without the quotes, if you do not have a DNS entry to use.
    2. Delete the old IPs from within your OS.
    3. Complete another order change without the additional IPs selected. The system will automatically choose IPs to unassign from the pool of IPs that do not have custom reverse DNS entries.
  2. Move your server to a different location.

    In moving to the new location, you will have to be assigned new IPs, as each location has its own IP blocks. To change locations, follow the standard upgrade procedure on our order page, selecting the new specifications (including the new location) and then using the "This is a change to an existing server" option at the bottom of the page. The system will reply with further steps.

    Note that a location move will take some time, but your files will be retained: ... =47&t=4546
These guides describe how to add or delete IPs through the OSes that we provide autoinstalls for:

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