RCONNET vs ProCon for Admin Tool

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RCONNET vs ProCon for Admin Tool

Post by YoMoma » Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:29 pm

Hello, FMC has had a BF4 server for a year now and up till now we have just admin the server thru our game server host admin daemon.
That has been sufficient till recently. Our server has been more populated and we need another option to remotely and automatically admin our server when no admin is around.
Obviously I`ve heard of ProCon, but never worked with it. I was told of RCONNET the other day and have our server added to the site, but I see in order to use even but 1 plugin, we will have to pay for its services.
Which program has better value for the money?
Is their another option?
For starters we have the need to state our simple few rules, but don't want them cluttering up the chat area.
Being able to kick/ban would be beneficial along with the ability to change maps on the fly.
Most of these abilities can be achieved with our server deamon, but we also would like to have the ability to...
Auto kick high ping players
Balance Teams
Kill streak Announcer
Possible votemap
Teamkill punisher as well as a language filter.
In short, what admin tool does most of these features for the best $$$ value?
Is there a free option?
Thanks for your opinions.

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Re: RCONNET vs ProCon for Admin Tool

Post by soja » Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:04 pm

All of the features you listed can be done by procon. I have not used the other, but I do use procon for my 2 BF3 servers and it works great.

If you purchase a 1-core windows VDS here you can run procon and any plugins you want(this is our solution). There are some paid procon hosting services, if you are uncomfortable hosting yourself.

You COULD host procon from home on a spare pc, but I wouldn't recommend this.
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Re: RCONNET vs ProCon for Admin Tool

Post by FAST » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:29 pm

Both have their pros and cons.

We use both, somethings are just simply easier and better with rconnet.

If you are going with rconnet I recommend going for full version (pay)

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