Maximum Number of Procon Plugins ?

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Maximum Number of Procon Plugins ?

Post by PowersGaming » Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:12 am

I know NFO has said that "too many plugins" causes problems on the server; currently we run only three (TrueBalancer, xVotemap and CheatDetector) on our 64p. Wondering what others are doing, and what the limit might be. Any other plugins that you guys like ?

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Re: Maximum Number of Procon Plugins ?

Post by FAST » Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:25 am

I never experienced issues with plugins with Battlefield series. I would say we run about 10-11 plugins mixing with 3 different admin tools. Most plugins are listening plugins for events in game anyway. Source games on the other hand can cause issues if you run too many, works up your CPU, causes instability.

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Re: Maximum Number of Procon Plugins ?

Post by floold » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:38 am

To my knowledge there isn't a real limit to the amount of plugins, it's possible that adding too many plugins causes a decrease in speed since the CPU has to work quite a lot harder but i can't really tell if that's the case since i don't have direct access to the layer statistics. (my Procon layer is hosted)

I'm currently running 13 (yes, 13) plugins on my Procon layer and i'm not noticing any difference in speed or stability. In fact, the Procon layer runs better than ever before (might be due to hardware upgrade though).

currently running the following plugins:
  • Adkats - advanced in-game admin
  • Adaptive server size (not for actually adapting the server size but for welcoming messages in filling state)
  • ProCon Chat, GUID, Stats and Map Logger
  • Cheatdetector
  • Latency manager
  • Server Rules on request
  • Spambot
  • Ultimate map manager (to switch from vanilla only to a DLC maprotation based on playercounts)
  • Vote Ban
  • MULTIbalancer
  • proconrulz
  • Squadmanager
  • xVotemap
Some others are installed but not enabled, need to remove them but too lazy :mrgreen:
Adkats can be a little slow sometimes but that's because the size of the plugin is insane and it requires a constant connection to a MySQL database.
Runs absolutely great! :D
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Re: Maximum Number of Procon Plugins ?

Post by Edge100x » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:49 am

The way that plugins could cause problems is if they send extra commands to the server. Commands are executed serially in the main server thread, so long-running ones, or very frequently-run ones, can cause hiccups or delays.

If you have problems with server performance, try temporarily disabling plugins to see if one might be the culprit. There's no real need to worry otherwise.

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