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Another RSP claims a direct connection to Blaze. What?

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:42 pm
by Edge100x
Blaze is hosted separately from any provider and is physically located in the UK. There aren't any providers with a direct connection to Blaze itself, but at least one provider has claimed to have a peering link to the ISP that hosts Blaze. The theory is that this will decrease the likelihood of Blaze disconnection events.

In practice, a peering link to the ISP hosting Blaze could decrease mass player drops slightly, to the extent that Blaze disconnection events are due to packet loss between peers on the open internet. However, most Blaze disconnection events that we see are due to other factors -- most commonly, they are the result of (D)DoS attacks and issues with Blaze itself. Additionally, peering links have their own limitations, and traffic from the UK will still have to cross the Atlantic and go through many points of failure to reach servers in the US, whatever provider it uses. (The ISP hosting Blaze also only offers peering in London.)

While NFO does not claim to be a DDoS specialist host, and we can't offer a guarantee about DDoS defense, we do a better job with it than other GSPs. We expect this to continue to be a much larger overall factor in preventing player drops.

(We also hope that BF4 itself will be made more tolerant of brief Blaze disconnections and better able to handle small DoS attacks. We have provided feedback to EA/DICE on how to do this.)