8 days a week: NFO

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8 days a week: NFO

Post by rlm850 »

Not the first time I've written one of these, but over the years I have learned a lot more for the various situations I've been in with NFO, and where they were always there to solve my issues, or lend a hand or an ear.

The story: I am just a hard worker IRL, and I have always had a passion for games. Since I first joined a server when I was 14 (I am no where near that age now..). It was a very popular old school, no-mod cs_assault server. It's my favorite map out of stock, I know everything about it all 1.6, source, and GO. All I ever wanted to do was host one myself. I paid a ridiculous amount to a now dead host during 2006 (in business 2005-2012) that used tcadmin for their control panel. It did what it needed to do, but I just couldn't get it to populate; nothing close to a special server. I kept doing it.. I still am. I ended up switching between 5 different hosts (but not yet NFO). Then I went with a dedicated server (straight from a datacenter in chi-town), which was for an already formed clan that I took over 2008-2009. But for a few servers.. an i7 920 w/ 12GB of RAM for over $200 wasn't what we had in mind for 1 always full game server and bluntly; shitty support. So we moved back to that one other host that somehow still stands, the IP changed and everything died. We split ways, and I came to NFO for their VDS packages that supplied a few Killing Floor servers, and a shoutcast server which I did internet radio on from 2010-2012. It was just some little thing I called "Whiteys Lair" (my name on steam) between my friends and I. The internet radio was for another game outside of Steam that is now dead, but that was a blast as well. I was on a CS:S break at that point, which is when I went on a full all of those things break, and played WoW from 2012-2014. I was still bored though.. so I tried it again. I came back to NFO, and explored every single setting I could. I've bought individual game servers, I've bought voice servers, I've bought the VDS's (and trialed the 12 core [now they offer 16!]), but I haven't yet been quite there yet to try out the dedicated servers. While an obvious decision and I would, I just don't have that popularity yet, and we're not ready for it again; yet. I'm now back on a managed VDS and an unmanaged VDS, while I have had my web hosting package active (which is amazing because my services never normally last a month since it's hard with RL money management), but kept the web hosting package active for about 7 months now. So I said what the hell.. I started paying for my VDS every 3 months now too. That's perfect security and the perfect price to ensure I don't have it go down on myself again. So now I'm back, and as always..

The Staff
They are nothing short of courteous -- professional and friendly. They will never be your enemy, even when you're seemingly being theirs. They reply usually no longer than 15-30 mins every day, all day. They only support what they offer, but they are always more than willing to assist you in a ticket to the best of their knowledge. If they can't, they suggest you come here (the forums), and they are filled with very knowledgeable people (esp. soja). They can't help you unless you help them. Let them know as many details as you can about the problem so they can help you with a solution.. if they don't see the details, you won't see the answer.

The Price
You are getting way more than what you're paying for. End of story.

The Performance
Nothing short of "out of this world" whatsoever. Usually, if your feeling isn't "great", it's that you almost feel like you are connected with the speed of the server. Absolutely no lag. (unless you're running something to cause lag).

The Security
Well, quite frankly, I've never heard of an NFO server getting "hacked" (even though some owners are silly and share their passwords), I guess you can use that as a factor. But it's moreso their network protection. They just eat the attacks. I don't know how they do it (but am currently working on it, I'm in datacom now), but it's a flawless system. Strong ones do get through, of course -- other than that, I have never had a server lag or go down on me unless it was an addon issue; ever.

It's an honor to be a customer here. Here's to make sure you guys stay in business for at least another 10 years (2 more months makes 12 years? I believe.)
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Re: 8 days a week: NFO

Post by rd1981 »

The dedicated servers actually run smoother than the vds but the vds servers run pretty well also the cheapest ones they have are 139.99 but it depends on the data center.
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