NFO - the love story

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NFO - the love story

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First some things,
Im specificly a costumer of a RUST (game) server from NFO.
Im a member of the slack community "Rust Server owners".
Im from Norway, so give me some slack on the english grammar, please.

I wanna start saying i admin a rust server toghether with the owner of the server. We both came to conclusion of choosing NFO, from multiple recomandations from other people in the slack community. The first impression we got from NFO, was that when we opened a ticket to support, it was allready answered before we were able to close the tab in our internet browser. And trust me, in the start, we had a couple of tickets conserning alot of different things.. EVERY ticket we have ever had, has been answered in under 5 minutes. This is specialy impressive since we are in GMT +1 and along way from america..

Starting to getting use to the awsome people at NFO, we have seen numerous cases of awsomeness by support persons at NFO. Most commonly by Kraze, aka Jordan. That reason is, he is also a member of the slack community. THIS is a big deal when communicating with owners of servers at NFO, using it specificly for Rust. Great idea! +1. Rust is a very early stage game, but still enjoyed by many, this means between weekly and twize a month, we have updates of our servers and our games. Having a man on the inside helps this going alot smoother than any other services we have tryed. To say it short, server nearly allways updates right on time, we are talking minutes after the update drops. Only reason "nearly" is used here is when the man himself is eating lunch, but give the man a break.. :lol:

Now that is our, and my feeling for NFO. I love your services and support from the bottom of my heart.

That said, there is MANY other situasions I only have watched beeing solved thru slack and other ways, not beeing me having the problem. and i allways see NFO coming up with a solution!

Thank you.
Bendik, AKA. Milkman
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