You can go with this, or you can go with that (Go with this)

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You can go with this, or you can go with that (Go with this)

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Quick NFO review:

Services: 10/10
Uptime: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Knowledge Base: 10/10

More in depth review:

NFO Servers just blow the other options I tried out of the water, lighting quick support responses, easy to use and fast control panels, maximum uptime and awesome pricing!

Before I changed over to hosting on NFO, I had tried out hosting on two other providers, Gameservers and Vilayer.
Gameservers was alright, but I'm not a fan of their control panel, their servers are definitely on the pricier side and support was slow.
Vilayer on the other hand was... special? I mean sure, they have dirt cheap hosting, but 18 & 1/2 hours to set up a server? 37 hours to set up webhosting? 4 hours to set up a voice server? Random and prolonged server outages? Slow as f*&% control panels? Almost non-existant support? Seems like some people have luck with them, definitely not worth it for me though.

NFO just had exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price, the ability to have servers automatically updated, the ability to do unmanaged or managed VPS, excellent support(both quick and knowledgeable), FTP access, easy and intuitive control panels, voice/web/game hosting, and even a decent knowledgebase.

That last one helped me out tons haha, before I had a webhosting plan I was hosting a TS3 server and a wordpress/phpbb website combo off of the single core vps we currently have. I followed some online tutorial and spent almost a whole day installing a lamp stack on the server with additional programs to run the wordpress and phpbb installs off of, I got it to work but there was plenty of oddly placed file directories and a weird redirect that made changing files extremely tricky. So I start thinking "I wonder if NFO has some stuff on installing lamp" sure enough, they do, and sure enough, you can just sudo apt get and install a whole lamp stack instead of installing each portion seperately, the website was working fine 15 minutes later(it helped I already had the non-root accounts from the first attempt still).

Thankfully the one time I've had to contact support so far, I found the problem before I potentially wasted a lot of their time. Our CS:GO server was stopping because it didn't have a GSLT, which was relatively new at the time and I had skipped over it on initial setup. Otherwise everything runs fantastic, no major downtime for the past 1/2 year.

Currently rent from NFO:

4 Core Windows Managed VPS, which currently runs:
-2 KF2 vanilla servers
-CSGO custom maps 20 slot server

Plans to add another KF2 server for custom maps and a possible 2nd CSGO server, 5th, 6th servers depending on performance.

Single Core Linux Unmanaged VPS, which currently runs:
-TS3 Server
-TS3 Music Bot Software

Lite Webhosting plan, which currently hosts:
Recently renovated Wordpress landing page w/ Invision Power forum suite
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