How do I make myself an admin? What commands are available?

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How do I make myself an admin? What commands are available?

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You will need to know your 64bit SteamID (7656119xxxxxxxxxx). This can be looked up online, using a site such as:

Edit the "DefaultGame.ini" file via the File Manager tab, looking for the following line within the [/Script/ShooterGame.BattalionGameMode] section:

Code: Select all

Replace "00000000000000000" with your 64bit SteamID. Save the file, then restart the server.

This admin system supports multiple admins. You'll need to add an additional +AdminSteamIDs="" line for each new admin.

Admin commands are typed into the client console in-game. You can open the console using the tilde key (~). All commands start with "Server.", e.g, "Server.Announce This is a test message."

The following commands are available:

AddBot <NUM> - Add a bot to the server
Announce <MESSAGE> - Announce a message to everyone in the server
ChangeMap <MAP> <MODE> - Change to a map + mode
ChangeToTeam <0 or 1> - Change yourself to team
Config.<CONFIG_NAME> <VALUE> - Change server config values
DisconnectAll - Disconnect everyone from the server
EndRound - Force end the round
GiveAmmo <NUM> - Give ammo to yourself
GiveGrenade <NUM> - Give a grenade to yourself
GiveSmokeGrenade <NUM> - Give a smoke grenade to yourself
GiveWeapon <WEAPON NAME> - Give a specified weapon to yourself
Invulnerable - Toggle to make yourself invulnerable
KickPlayerByName <NAME> - Kick player by name
KickPlayerBySteamID <ID> - Kick a player by their steam id
KillBots - Kill all bots
ListPartyMembers - List all party members
LoadNextGame - Load the next map/mode in the rotation
LoseRound - Force lose the round
Pause - Pause the game - use again to unpause
Restart - Restart the server
Shutdown - Shutdown the server
State <STATE_NAME> - Change the game state to (WaitingToStart, CountdownToStart, SetupRound, PostRound, PostMatch)
WinRound - Force win the round
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