TS5 server upgrades + Homebase functionality

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TS5 server upgrades + Homebase functionality

Post by waffles912 »

Looking to see if there's any way to upgrade my ts3 server to a ts5 server in the coming weeks? On the teamspeak website NFO is shown as being a TS partner when I look for a ts5 server host. I was wondering what the timeline is for implementation?

I understand that ts5 servers would likely cost more to host because of the file-transfer and upgraded chat functions as well as the eventual screen share addition, but I would still be interested in transitioning to the new server.

I would also like to know if it is possible to enable "Homebase" functionality for ts5 clients on my NFO hosted TS3 server. Currently the client says "The homebase feature is not available on this server."

If anyone has any info on this, pls reply.

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Re: TS5 server upgrades + Homebase functionality

Post by Edge100x »

I have not had much time to experiment with the beta beyond looking at its requirements and seeing that it is set up much differently than our current system, with a significantly larger footprint. I hope to find some more time in the coming weeks.

Since TS3 also supports file transfers, I don't expect that to be very much of a factor specifically, but the various features together are likely to result in higher CPU and memory usage requirements than TS3, possibly raising prices. The fact that it is based on Docker image also makes it much less efficient to run from a disk standpoint (and it will offer maintenance challenges).
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