Base game maps and game modes plus DLC

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Base game maps and game modes plus DLC

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Base maps

MP_Abandoned - Zavod 311
MP_Damage - Lancang Dam
MP_Flooded - Flood Zone
MP_Journey - Golmud Railway
MP_Naval - Paracel Storm
MP_Prison - Operation Locker
MP_Resort - Hainan Resort
MP_Siege - Siege of Shanghai
MP_TheDish - Rogue Transmission
MP_Tremors - Dawnbreaker

Base game modes

ConquestLarge0 - Conquest large*
ConquestSmall0 - Conquest*
Domination0 - Domination
Elimination0 - Defuse
Obliteration - Obliteration*
RushLarge0 - Rush*
SquadDeathMatch0 - Squad Deathmatch
TeamDeathMatch0 - Team Deathmatch

* means commander mode is supported.

China Rising game maps

XP1_001 - Silk Road
XP1_002 - Altai Range
XP1_003 - Guilin Peaks
XP1_004 - Dragon Pass

China Rising game modes

AirSuperiority0 - Air Superiority
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