Why you shouldn't use NFO

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Why you shouldn't use NFO

Post by Stage4000 »

Oh wait, there isn't any reason not to use NFO. NFO is truly the best of the best. I run a 9 ping on our servers with NFO, and our users from the Philippines and other Asian countries run a ping of 100 or less! The customer support is out of this world, I don't understand how they afford to provide such amazing customer support when their prices are so dirt cheap!

Lets review:
Longest customer support response time: 10 minutes
Ping average reduction: 200%
Longest server down time: What is down time? is this a foreign word?
Price reduction average: 150%

Given the above results I would proudly rate NFO Servers 6 out of 5 stars.

Note to NFO: please keep up the amazing work. there aren't good game server hosts left, they are a dying breed. thanks for being amazing, stay classy NFO. <3

Stage4000 Gaming Inc.

Statistical data is on a personal experience basis, and may not reflect accurate data. The data is taken from the 8 previous hosts my company has used in the past before finding this amazing gem of a host.
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Re: Why you shouldn't use NFO

Post by rd1981 »

where is your server hosted that asian pings are that low ?
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Re: Why you shouldn't use NFO

Post by theRadAleks »

rd1981 wrote:where is your server hosted that asian pings are that low ?
Most likely San Jose
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Re: Why you shouldn't use NFO

Post by andy71 »

Thought I would post here what i discovered about pings..not that you are saying low pings affect other players or anything but i thought some may find this helpful. Cannot remember the authors name but if memory serves he was a very knowledgeable guy on such things.

"A high ping does NOT effect other players ping time, a total myth that has come around for several reasons.

IF the game you're playing uses ping compensation (timestamped packets) then players who have high pings might use fractionally more CPU time on the server, but this will ONLY effect other players if the server is setup badly, for example if the server has barely any spare cpu cycles left. That is a server setup problem however.

Depending on what game engine a higher ping might mean your position in the map changes more erratically, making you harder to hit, some engines compensate for this by artificially smoothing movement.

Most admins kick high pingers because the effects of ping compensation seem unfair - although they're really not. It seems like sometimes you're shot around corners or through large objects, but this is not what is happening, the ping compensation is fair to the lagger because it allows him to aim at the person it just updates late in the server, the gunfights are still fair, despite what some people think. Its just a lack of understanding of how it works.

But no matter the circumstance, one player lagging does NOT make other players lag, if anyone experiences something that feels like this, its probably a badly setup server, and thats a server problem and numerous other things that cause extra load (such as lots of people in the same area, or other clients connecting) will cause the same problem.

Hope this helps.
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