A flawless experience

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A flawless experience

Post by speedvoltage »

I was looking for a hosting provider and a friend recommended NFO.

I do not regret this choice. I mean it.

I would recommend NFO as well, just for the support alone. Tell you why.

See, I have a third-party web host called Hawk Host, which was recommended by a friend as well. I had a lot of trouble getting my game server to communicate with my web host (I used their database). After hours, even days, trying to work out the problem, I am given information I should've been given since the beginning and that is not on any knowledgebases. They made me do things only to be said that connections are filtered.

NFO's support, on the other hand, is by far the best support I've ever seen. They never gave up and never got fed up, annoyed, pissed off about trying to find solutions. Days of discussions and some funny off-topic moments as well (that's what human interaction is all about) while waiting for things to be done. So, shout out to Juski, TimeX, Bill, Cody, Charlie, Vanderburg, Brendan, James and Bill (did every support member join here?). Just a special thanks to Vanderburg because of this moment: https://imgur.com/a/Uwo8x
Thanks to the CEO as well for choosing the right people to help. I appreciate the time taken for helping me and I'm glad we could resolve everything.

Concerning the overall service (game server and provided web host).
I only had two moments where I got annoyed, twice the machine had problems leading to my server being offline. This was resolved fairly quickly, so I'll forget it and not judge this since the support members, once again, were amazing.

Putting this little issue aside, ever since I started hosting, I only experienced a few lags, but I'm going to assume the problem was on my side and not the machine's fault. Nobody ever complained about the server's performance and I'm happy to hear this.

Just a side note that I already mentioned with support, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch's sv_pure cvar can't be changed at all, through any means, once the server has launched (I tried everything, autoexec.cfg, server.cfg, etc...). Support had to manually set sv_pure to 2 in the command line.

Up until now, I have no regrets choosing NFO based on my friend's recommendation.

Here's my breakdown:
Game server: 9/10
Provided Web host: 9/10
Accessibility: 9/10
Easy-to-use/User-friendly control panel: 9/10
Availability to install commonly used addons: 10/10
Support: over 9000/10
Overall Service: 9.33/10
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