Still going strong

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Still going strong

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This past year and a half has been a wild ride for society and for NFO! But, we're happy to report that we're still going strong. With some sense of normalcy returning and summer in full swing, we'd like to give some updates.

DDoS attack activity has increased since the pandemic started, and we have been increasing our mitigation capacity to better filter those out for customers. Our Chicago location currently has over 300G of raw capacity, and we're in the process of adding more by the fall. We've also augmented our Seattle location to have 200G of capacity and bumped up LA to 100G.

One of our more requested additions, IPv6, is entering customer beta testing. We hope to finish introducing it as a free option for all VDS customers sometime this year.

We have been ironing out panel bugs and adding features for our various services, such as our recent implementation of FTPS (TLS support for FTP, which prevents passwords from being sent in the clear and encrypts all other data, too) for all game server packages.

Our VDS offerings are being upgraded to implement purely solid-state storage. This is an ongoing process which is nearing completion, with all Windows-supporting machines already done and remaining Linux machines being upgraded or entirely replaced. (All new machines that we add to our fleet have been exclusively solid-state for the last few years, and NVMe has also become standard for us.)

AMD and Intel have been releasing new, faster, chips, but they have become difficult to obtain and restricted in how they can be used. We have trialed a limited number of Intel W-1290P machines recently and will continue to test other hardware, such as the new Intel E-23xxG series when it becomes available. Some AMD Epyc 7543 machines that we ordered back in February (for use in VDS hosting) are supposed to finally arrive in late August, and we'll put those through their paces when we do.

And, we're now hiring! Another post will cover this in a little more detail.
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Re: Still going strong

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Great to hear John! Best wishes to you and the team.
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