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How to install Sourcebans++ 1.7 web panel (with Composer)

Posted: Thu Sep 30, 2021 3:16 pm
by Spray
This guide will walk you through installation of the web panel portion of Sourcebans, which now requires Composer to be installed and run in order to download some needed dependencies.

1. Connect to your webhosting with us via SSH, using a client such as Putty. Credentials for connecting can be found on the File Manager tab of the webhosting control panel.

2. Create a new folder within your public folder called "sourcebans" and then navigate to it, using the following commands:

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mkdir public/sourcebans
cd public/sourcebans
3, Download the Sourcebans web folder, using SVN:

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svn checkout .
Note: The space and period at the end of the line is intentional and needs to be included.

4. Download the composer setup file:

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wget -O composer-setup.php
5. Create a "bin" directory for the setup file to install Composer into:

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mkdir bin
6. Run the composer-setup.php file, specifying an install directory and file name for Composer:

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php composer-setup.php --install-dir=bin --filename=composer
7. Run the following Composer command, which will download the required dependencies for Sourcebans++:

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bin/composer install
8. Open your browser and navigate to the installation folder for Sourcebans, such as:


Note: Replace <> with the domain you're installing Sourcebans into, shown on the Domains page of the control panel. This might be something like, or a custom domain you've added to your panel.

9. You should now be able to follow through the step-by-step installer included with Sourcebans to complete the installation.

Some tips for this installer:
  • Database information can be found on the Databases tab of your website control panel. Create a database on that page if you have not yet.
  • Your Steam API Key can be found or created here:
  • You can quickly lookup your SteamID here: