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How does the performance guarantee work?

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:13 pm
by Edge100x
Our guarantee applies to game, Ventrilo, TS3, Mumble/Murmur, and managed VDS servers, and can be found here:

Re: How does the performance guarantee work?

Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:30 pm
by Edge100x
In response to a question we received, this performance guarantee would cover the following instance, for example:

Our server:

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- CS:Source
- Ultraaccelerated (2000fps)
- InterNAP Chicago
The competitor's server:

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- CS:Source
- "2000fps"
- Some type of bandwidth in Chicago
- "Dedicated to its own core"
- "High priority"
- "Custom one of a kind Linux kernel"
We guarantee that this server will match or beat the performance of this competitor's server, regardless of their supposed extra performance-enhancing options.

"Why?", you might ask. Because we have our own systems that are even better, and we know that :). We have been fanatically devoted to performance for over 7 years; we know how to properly optimize our machines and we have proprietary systems in-place that ensure peak performance at all times. In this case, to make a more specific comparison to those features, our systems also automatically choose to put servers onto their own cores when that is the calculated best course of action (it isn't always -- for instance, sometimes it's actually better to let threaded games stretch onto multiple cores) and we were the first provider to offer the 2000fps Source option, which requires a custom kernel to handle properly. (We actually offer up to 4000fps on all ultraaccelerated Source servers, adjustable through our control panel, and now have a separate 10,000 FPS offering.)

Many competitors also offer "high priority" for all their servers. If they do, it's meaningless! High priority only makes sense when some servers have it and some don't. At a competitor that offers "high priority" for all servers, you will receive no performance benefit.