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How preorders work

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:56 pm
by Edge100x
When you preorder a game server with us, then sign up for the subscription, you will pay the full amount right away. Our system will activate the extras (the webhosting, any voice server, and so on) immediately, but the game server itself will not be created until the game's release date (or shortly before it). On the release date, we'll set it up for you, and your first paid month will start.

The subscription for a preordered server can be cancelled at any time; however, the server will still be created on the game's release date and stay up through the time you paid for. In other words, we can't refund preorder payments. (We plan to immediately expend the funds from preorders in purchasing additional hardware.)

Since preordered servers can't have free trial periods, and their packages can't be adjusted until after the game server is created, make sure that you test our example servers and are satisfied and that you ask us any questions you might have before you take the plunge. If you're not sure whether you want to purchase, we recommend waiting until the game's release -- we should have servers available for rent on that date, with the normal free trial period available.

The price of a preordered server is recurring and grandfathered in for as long as that server is kept with us in the same configuration (excepting location transfers) -- you don't have to worry about losing your low price. This grandfathering applies to all our services here.

We generally offer preorders only for games that we've had the opportunity to test, so that we'll know how many resources they use (and be able to price accordingly), and so that we can make sure that servers can be put online immediately after the game's release. Certain very-high-demand games are an exception to this, with preorder pricing set based on developer-provided performance data.