How do I change game settings in general?

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How do I change game settings in general?

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Most settings are changed in Config/PCServer-UDKGame.ini. You can edit this file through the "File manager" page in your control panel, or by downloading it through FTP (it's in the UDKGame/Config folder there), editing it, and re-uploading. The game's documentation discusses these settings that you can adjust:

... in the [Engine.GameReplicationInfo] section:

• ServerName – The server name in the browser
• MessageOfTheDay – The MOTD

... in the [AOC.AOCGame] section:

• MapList – List of map names that the server will cycle through
• Perspective Lock – Lock players into one perspective
o PLOCK_None – Players free to use first-person or third-person
o PLOCK_1P – Forced to use 1st person
o PLOCK_3P – Forced to use 3rd person
• fServerTeamDamagePercent – Amount of damage players will do to their teammates.
• bEnableVoteKick – Allow users to vote kick
• bEnableVoteChangeMap – Allow users to vote change map
• bEnableVoteResetMap – Allow users to vote to reset the map
• bOnlyAdminsCanInitiateVotes – Votes can only be started by admins
• bOnlyTeammatesCanVoteKick - If true, only teammates can start a vote kick.
• bOnlyTeammatesAbstainsCountAgainstMinimum - When counting the number of people who
voted vs. those who abstained, do we only count abstains from teammates of the player in
question? (Like a soft version of bOnlyTeammatesCanVoteKick; enabling both simultaneously is
• fVoteMinAmountNonAbstainers - The minimum proportion of people who must have voted for
the vote to be successful (0.0f to 1.0f)
• fVoteSuccessThreshold- The minimum proportion of people who must have voted Yes out of the
total number who voted for a vote to be successful (0.0f to 1.0f) 8
• fVoteDurationSeconds - The length of time that a vote is held for before it's tallied and decided
• fVoteTallyUpdates - Number of updates to show in chat before the vote is completed. If there's
2, they happen at 1/3 and 2/3 through the vote.
• fVoteEnactDelaySeconds - Time to delay before enacting what was voted on (only for map
• fVoteTimeBetweenVoteKicksAgainstSamePlayer - The minimum time between successvie kick
votes against the same player
• fVoteTimeBetweenVotesFromOnePlayer - The minimum time between successive votes
initiated by the same player
• fVoteKickBanDurationSeconds - Duration for which a kick vote's temporary ban lasts
• bForceTeamVOIP – Whether or not VOIP is forced to be limited to only talk to teammates
• bRankedServer – Ranked server or not (experience + weapon unlock points not counted on un-
ranked servers)

A few settings are changed in Config/PCServer-UDKEngine.ini instead:

... in the [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section:

• MaxInternetClientRate – maximum rate at which the server will send data to a player (in

... in the [OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.OnlineSubsystemSteamworks] section:

• bUseVAC – Whether to use VAC or not
• QueryPort – Port to use for Steam. Should be unique for each server.
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