NFoServers Review [A little under a year]

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NFoServers Review [A little under a year]

Post by Kilonox » Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:48 am

I have been with NFoServers for a little under a year now, on and off. I have enjoyed the servers and communities I have been apart of while being with this company, and have much good to say about them. I have owned VDS, Game Servers, Webspace, and Voice Comms from Nfo, and let me tell you, none have ever given me disappointment. I have even signed up for their easy to use and setup reseller program, which give you the same performance as the classic game server offering, but allows you to make quick money.

Never have I seen a host provide such service as NFo has. NFo has around the clock performance, lets you never have to worry about getting those 3am emails from your players saying the server is laggy. NFo constantly monitors every server to make sure performance is top notch at all times. I have friends in the UK who get almost equal pings as I do!

Over all the servers I have owned, the longest downtime has been was 5 minutes and I have only seen my servers go down once. Back when I resold, my clients would rave about the uptime and how the servers would automatically reboot if there ever was a issue (most commonly plugin and mod misconfiguration)

Here is where my only complain arises. While support for game servers, voice comms, and VDS are absolutely amazingly perfectly past to my standards, there support for webhosting lacks. While most of the time they simply redirect you the the web hosting section here when it is something easy and simple, there support is still number one for any host I have used.

While many complain about the cost at first glance, they are not that bad, and besides, you get what you pay for. At NFo, you are paying for the best, and it is still cheaper then some companies out there with lower quality.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Thank you NFoServers for being the best GSP in the world!

edit: added pricing section.

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