HLStatsX is not working!

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HLStatsX is not working!

Post by kraze » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:21 pm

Setting an rcon password in your stats admin panel

1. Click your stats URL provided on the "Stats manager" page in your control panel
2. Click "admin" at the bottom
3. Login with the information also provided on the "Stats manager" page
4. Under "Game Settings" click your game and select "Edit Servers"
5. Double check all the information listed there and reset your rcon password, then click apply
6. Restart the back-end daemon with the button provided on the "Stats manager" page

Setting up a log address

1. Go to the "File manager" tab in your control panel
2. From the drop down menu, find and select "autoexec.cfg"
3. Add "logaddress_add hlstatsx.nfoservers.com:27XXX" (with the correct port number) if it is not already present
4. Save and restart your server

Installing the HLStatsX plugin for SourceMod

1. Go to the "Autoinstallers" tab in your control panel
2. Select "HLStatsX plugin for SourceMod" and then click the "install" button
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