Outstanding Service

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Outstanding Service

Post by Limex » Thu May 22, 2014 3:16 am

I'm usually the kind of person who will complain when there are problems but remain silent when things are going well. In this case though, I feel obliged to post a testimonial because the service I have received from NFO Servers is on another level to what I've experienced with past companies.

I run a game server that regularly exceeds 50 players online at peak times and has an active forum community where up to 100 people can be online at any one time. It's not the most popular project around but I have the responsibility of providing a good service to my player base.

The VPS we have with NFO has outperformed any we've had before. Pings are stable regardless of load. We had a few DDOS attacks when we first transferred over which we were notified about but downtime was next to nothing and I think you've scared them all off now.

The support response times are just ridiculous. It's like an Instant Messenger service. There isn't much else to say.. it's spot on. I'd happily buy you all a beer.

Control Panel
The control panel is basic but everything is there and more. I am more trusting of in-house panels, it shows you really know your stuff.

I love the console feature. It's really well setup, it actually feels like I am sitting behind my server, a good KVM experience.

The Event Log is also great. It tells me what has happened to my server so I haven't had to ask you on several occasions.

Finally, I just want to say a massive thank you for helping me stabilise the service to my users after months of pain at other hosts. I can sleep easy now!


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