I am VERY Impressed with NFO.

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I am VERY Impressed with NFO.

Post by Poxonjr » Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:03 pm

The level of excellence and the standard of quality that NFOservers strives for is by far unmatched.
I have never been so impressed with a serverhosting company ever.

It's so impressive that I came here just to share my testimony with anyone who may read this.
Here is my supporting reasons for why I am very impressed with my quality service here at NFO.

-- They are there to help around the clock.
Even at 5 in the morning, they're quick to respond and help.
Very important and extremely convienent.

-- They are extremely helpful when assisting with issues.
The support is crazy good and always has been.
Where most people would slap their foreheads in agony, these guys push through that and help regardless of how infuriating it may be. I give you guys the highest praise when it comes to this.

-- Professional, Friendly and Informative.
No matter how much crap these guys take when handling support tickets they always remain professional and helpful, they may not like you very much after doing so I'd imagine but they're always going to do their best to help.

-- Quality of performance
Amazing performance quality, always has been.
You get what you pay for, the protection is amazing and unrivaled.

-- My personal praise for Bill.
Bill has always been - I found - the most helpful and assistive to me. I've found that all his reponses to my support tickets has been by far the most helpful and informative when it comes to solving any problem I may have had.

Bill, you're awesome buddy. Keep up the good work.

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