Best Gaming Experience Ever

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Best Gaming Experience Ever

Post by simoncastillo » Sun Dec 05, 2004 7:14 pm

Hi Everybody...

Well... I know about NFo like 3 month a go, but I didn't buy because I0m having some money problems.

I bought for first time the thursday, it take me like 20 mins because the order form has a bug and whatever. I bought and it takes to me 20 mins to get my server. Whatever I think it was fast.

I set somethings here and somethings there, and invite a friend to play, we play like a hour and he told me... oh cmon you must be fucking kidding me how i register like that.

I started to upload maps, and I see I need to add some admins, I enter my control panel, and I see thing named "Easy Setup", i just try to add but... I'm dumb, I come here to ask, and almost instantly I get a repply, I fixed my problem, and I ask something diferent, and once n again, fastest repply ever. Fixed both problems.

Now I figured out to try getting help trought the IRC... I join IRC, go first to #nuclearfallout and them tell me go to #nfo-support. I waited like 5 minutes before I get an repply.

Now they help me to tweak my server, tweak my server.cfg and some of them join to play with me.

Later that day my server has been full like for 3 hours, my friends said: oh my god kid one of them idiot :p...

Today the server has been full all of day.

I should recommend this company, for everything, if you want good support, good latencies, and good people playing on your servers and saying: "this is the best aim maps server" go nfo or go to the shit :)...

And to the people who flame, litle bastards... you must be more dummies than me...

That's all...
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