1 week review

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1 week review

Post by DogPatch1992 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:08 pm


NFOservers has surprised me, in a really good way.

Let me start from the beginning.

I was renting a Dedicated server From a UK Host, 16gbram quad core i7 ( £80 Per month ) . I was running 2 Cod4 Server 12 slots each and 1 minecraft 20 slots. the server/internet could just about handle 20 players all together. Minecraft was laggy as hell.So i got out of there :D

Heard about NFOServers from a friend so i decided to get a 1 Core VDS server ( £19 Per Month ) to host my 512 slot Teamspeak. Im from the UK so i was expecting about 120 ping, but nope its holding steady at 90, i also have another 13 European members online most of the time, and they got a really low ping. Really Impressed.

Today i decided i wanted to play on a minecraft server, so i decided to put it on my VDS 1 core that is also hosting TeamSpeak. We had 10 people on Teamspeak and 5 on MineCraft all from Europe, and there was NO LAG at all. we expected a little due to the distance between us and the server but everything is perfect.
CPU doesnt go above 50% on a 1 core
Ram doesnt go above 65% on 1gb ram

Best host by far and i have been with about 11 Hosts ( 11 hosts over 2 and a half years )

Thanks NFO for supplying and running These servers they are AMAZING and Cheap !! :D

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